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Under the stewardship of the newly appointed Group Executive Chef, Chef Chan Wai Keung brings four decades of gastronomic excellence to the restaurant. Soup bases are made from scratch daily with the freshest ingredients, double-boiled and simmered for hours. With a repertoire of soup bases on offer, such as the authentic mala soup, tangy tomato soup, well-balanced pickled cabbage soup, and crowd favorite – Yanxi’s signature buddha-jumps-over the wall.

Brewed using the finest selection of ingredients and herbs such as ginseng which nourishes and is flavorsome, we are excited to showcase the master’s four decades of culinary virtuosity. Elevating the dining experience at Yanxi, we are proud to offer a selection of bespoke dim sum specially curated by new Head Chef, Chef Ben Yapp. A trailblazer in revitalising dim sum for a new generation, his unique creation and interpretation of traditional classic dim sum is an epicurean joy.



Proudly made in Singapore – Yanxi Signature Collections Bespoke Chili Sauce, by an original recipe crafted by World Chef God 世界廚神 Chan Wai Keung. With a legacy of over 4 decades of culinary virtuosity. Chef Chan’s expertise in traditional sauces shine with this range of ‘World Chef God Heavenly Chilli’!


Chan Wai Keung

Group Executive Chef


Chef Chan Wai Keung is a game-changer in shaping the interpretation of modern Cantonese cuisine to the world. At age fifteen, Chef Chan began his culinary career as an apprentice to a Cantonese Masterchef in Hong Kong. Over the years, Chef Chan has gone on a culinary journey on his own, honing his knowledge and techniques along the way.

In his illustrious career spanning over four decades, Chef Chan plied his craft in many world-renowned restaurants and luxury hotel restaurants in Singapore, Shenzhen, South Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, and the United States. In his travels, Chef Chan cultivated a deep understanding of how a culture inspire flavours. This appreciation played a significant role in his gastronomic outlook.

From A Humble Apprentice, Multi-Award-Winning Chef Chan Has Reached the Upper Echelons of The Culinary World. In 2015, He Won the Milan World Expo Food & Fashion World Competition, Which Saw the Judging Panel Unanimously Conferring Upon Him the Title World Chef God.

Ben Yapp

Executive Dim Sum Chef


A trailblazer in revitalising dim sum for a new generation, Chef Ben stayed true to his craft with over 15 years as a Dim Sum chef. He has been perfecting his skills working in several distinguished Chinese restaurants and 6-star hotel chains such as the Shangri La Hotels & Resorts, Mandarin Oriental and most recently Fullerton Hotels & Resorts Singapore.

Singapore’s young gun of Dim Sum, he helped transform the Yum Cha scene with his ability to break the boundaries of tradition, introducing innovative creations, quirky designs and fusing contemporary flavours to dim sum.

Today, he is the among the select few able to disrupt a cuisine that is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture.

As Head Chef with Royal Cuisine Group, he will continue to shake up the traditional preconceptions of this quintessential cuisine and showcase his creative take on Dim Sum at Yanxi Dim Sum & Hot Pot Restaurant. Winner 2018 The Asian Gourmet Chef Individual (Dim Sum ) – Asian International Master Chef Champion.

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