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Nestled on the enchanted hill overlooking Pearl’s Hill City Park, Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot Restaurant ushers in a new era of Dim Sum and Hot Pot dining experience for the gourmands in all of us.

Under the stewardship of the newly appointed Group Executive Chef, Chef Chan Wai Keung brings four decades of gastronomic excellence to the restaurant. Soup bases are made from scratch daily with the freshest ingredients,, double-boiled and simmered for hours. With a repertoire of soup bases on offer, such as the authentic Mala Soup, tangy Tomato Soup and the well balanced Pickled Cabbage Soup and crowd favorite – Yanxi’s signature buddha- jumps-over the wall.Brewed using the finest selection of ingredients and herbs, such as Ginseng, which nourishes and is flavorsome, we are excited to showcase the master’s four decades of culinary virtuosity.

Elevating the dining experience at Yanxi, we are proud to offer a selection of bespoke dim sum specially curated by new Head Chef, Chef Ben Yapp. A trailblazer in revitalising dim sum.

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