Proudly made in Singapore – Yanxi Signature Collections Bespoke Chili Sauce, by an original recipe crafted by World Chef God 世界廚神 Chan Wai Keung. With a legacy of over 4 decades of culinary virtuosity. Chef Chan’s expertise in traditional sauces shine with this range of ‘World Chef God Heavenly Chilli’!

新加坡制造 – Yanxi Signature Collections 包括 火锅午餐, 火锅晚餐. 为了提升延禧的用餐体验,我们很自豪地提供由新任主厨 Ben Yapp 主厨特别策划的精选定制点心

Teochew Chilli Sauce 潮式风味辣椒酱

Speciality Chilli Sauce 特色辣椒酱

Yanxi Mix Pack Chilli Sauce - 宴喜双味辣椒礼盒

Wang Lei Live Promo

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